Selling FAQs

How long will it take to sell my house?

There is no way to know how long it will take to sell your house! The national average shows homes being on the market for 62 days, and this data varies widely by state and region. There are so many factors that help determine that part of this process that we just couldn’t possibly say. 

Furthermore, Even if you do get into contract with an offer you’re happy with, other circumstances can sometimes affect the length of an escrow unexpectedly. Be prepared for anything, and we’ll do our best to keep the process as smooth as possible. That being said, there are numerous pages in this Seller Guide devoted to tips and tricks on how to get your property sold faster! 

What will you expect of me?

We do have expectations of our sellers, but we’re very straightforward about it:

Good Communication 

Being readily available by phone, email, or text will help the transaction progress more easily. This includes providing us with your best contact information.

Being Informed

This guide is FULL of everything we could think of to help you sell your property in the easiest, most informed way possible. Reading through it is a big help! Thank you!

Being Prepared

Doing your part to ready your property for sale goes a long way. You can also help the process by compiling all documents associated with your property and it’s history. Furthermore, you can go above and beyond by typing up brief history of upgrades, maintenance and additions to the property. Buyers love information! 

Handling Showings 

Please refer to the full page document about how to help your house stand out in it’s best light!

How much money am I going to make?

We can estimate the total amount of money you may make from selling your property based on what you owe and what the market value is. Once you are in contract, we can further refine this calculation based on the offer amount from your buyers. Later, once escrow papers are drawn up, you will have an opportunity to view the documents which include the complete financial breakdown of the transaction. We will also provide you with a seller net sheet.

What happens if my house isn’t selling?

The general rule is that if your property isn’t selling, it’s likely over priced for the market. A new market analysis is sometimes in order. Pricing structures are helpful to avoid this situation. 

However, should it occur, we like to address the situation with innovative marketing and new approaches to getting your property out there. Remember, we want your property sold as much as you!

Why should I choose you as my Realtor?

First of all, we hope you interview several Realtors/Brokerages before choosing one. Finding someone to handle such a large transaction is a big, important decision, and each Realtor offers different things, and brings a different personality to the process. 

Here is a breakdown of everything that we enjoy offering our clients as part of our quality service:

Fiduciary Relationship

Discrimination-Free Environment

Quality/Timely Communication

Recommendation of Resources

Education about the Selling Process

Negotiations and Advocacy

Competitive Marketing

Professional Opinion

Personalized Service

2 Hours of Professional Organizational/Staging Help (If desired)

Weekly Sales Report

Easy Exit Listing Agreement

Scheduling/Attendance at Inspections, Contractors, etc


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