The Humboldt County Real Estate market has yet to fully catch up with the ways that Realtors are marketing properties across California. Using online resources, we can reach VASTLY more buyers, and can especially target out-of-the-area buyers who can’t always make it up here to view properties before they get into contract. 

There are many different ways that a Realtor can market your property, but the honest truth is that for the same commission rates, local Realtors offer very different amounts of marketing, and the quality of that marketing is also quite variable. 

We actually strive to offer the very best marketing package available in Humboldt County, including some marketing services that won’t be found at any other Real Estate office locally. As your listing agent(s), we do ALL of the marketing for you, instead of hiring a part-time marketing assistant who doesn’t fully understand the way the local market works. 

Our dedication is to presenting your property in the best possible light. Our goal is to sell your house quickly, with as little stress as possible, and top-notch marketing is part of that process. 


We offer every single listing the same basic marketing strategy, which often goes above and beyond local practices. Every property is marketed in the following ways:

PROFESSIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY PACKAGE – Photos taken by Jesse Gabriel Photography, A $300 value. This photo package includes a detailed, 3-D floor plan and virtual tour of your house to include with your listing photos. 

FLIERS/POSTCARDS/MAILINGS – We will create a flier specifically highlighting your property’s best features and photos. The fliers will be put in a box out by the “For Sale” sign for passersby to take. Additionally, we will mail out 50? 100? personalized post cards to adjacent property owners and targeted buyers in our area. 

ONLINE PRESENCE- All properties will be listed on the local Multiple Listing Service, which is the number one place that potential buyers will have access to information about your property. Potential buyers can access the MLS from a basic internet search, or sometimes are connected with personalized searches through local Realtors. 

Your property will also be featured on our website:, as well as The Key Real Estate Group’s website. We will also create a Craigslist ad for your property. Your listing will also be featured on and Check out these Sample Webpages from our past listings.

SOCIAL MEDIA – Your property will be featured on social media posts through Facebook and Instagram. Social media posts will be created using professional marketing templates and will incorporate providing potential buyers with lots of information about your property, unlike most social media ads which are used to get more buyers, not sell your property. 

OPEN HOUSES – We will do an open house at your property. Depending on the property itself, the location and your preferences, the potential exists to do several. We view open houses as an opportunity to make your property available to the community. We will also include your listing flier and information at other local Open Houses!

ADDITIONAL EVENTS – Occasionally we, as Realtors or as The Key Real Estate Group, do special events in the community as part of Real Estate education, client outreach, or community involvement. At each of these events, your listing fliers and information will be highlighted and included in our presentations. We can also include your property as part of our local Association of Realtor’s weekly tour, where we make the property available for a walkthrough by local Realtors. 


For properties priced over $400K, we offer an additional marketing package, which includes the following marketing:

HOME WARRANTY –  ($400 value) We will purchase a Home Warranty for your property, which you can offer as an incentive to buyers. 

FEATURED PROPERTY BLOG POST – We will create unique web content about your property. Your property will not only be added to our website along with our other listings, but we will create custom content in the form of a detailed blog post on our website, where potential buyers can get intimate with your listing. Using this format, we can appeal to buyers by offering more information than would normally appear on the standard MLS Listing. 

PHOTOGRAPHY EXTRAS – ($150 value) Through Drone Photography, unique aerial photos really give buyers a sense of the size and scope of a property, as well as the layout of the yard and surrounding neighborhood. Slideshows and Video Walkthroughs are also available through the professional photography company. 

YOUTUBE VIDEO – Many videos of properties for sale are actually just slide shows of the photos. As part of our advanced marketing strategies, we will create a youtube video for you that will display unique content, focusing on your properties best features. This video will be used in a Social Media Campaign, as well as linked to your property’s page on our website.  Check out a Sample Video by clicking HERE.

ADDITIONAL PRINT ADVERTISING – Our goal is actually to sell your property before we would have time to create and place a print ad, but they are available. Purchasing other online ads is also available.

OTHER IDEAS – For unique or special properties, we offer Private Open Houses for local Realtors or affiliates to make your property well known in the local market. Also, we can create a special “Coming Soon” ad campaign for properties which may need or want more advertising and exposure. 


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