You’ve decided to buy a house

…or maybe you haven’t yet…

Either way, there are many things to consider when making a move towards home ownership. Many people make their decision based simply on wether or not they are financially capable of making the purchase. However there are many other aspects involved in home ownership and here are a few to consider at the outset:

  1. In Humboldt County, most monthly rents are more expensive than a monthly mortgage payment. If you can afford to rent, it’s likely that you can afford to purchase.
  2. People often want to “wait for the market to go down” before making a purchase to save money – but the fact is, if you’re sure that you want to buy, there’s never a wrong time, as long as you choose a property that’s priced appropriately and that’s a good fit for you. Keeping the property as a long-term investment also helps assure that it’s a good financial decision, regardless of where the market is at in the moment. 
  3. If finding the money to make a down payment is an issue, there are assistance programs and creative ways make this happen. Talk to a lender or Realtor before deciding that this is the thing that will keep you from being a homeowner. 
  4. Your financial situation can improve fairly quickly with a few good hacks, and even if your credit score isn’t ideal, this doesn’t mean you won’t qualify for a home loan.
  5. Sometimes your dream home IS out of your reach, but buying a starter home is actually the best way to get to your ultimate goals. There are several interesting ways to leverage yourself to get what you want out of the real estate market, just ask!
  6. Buying a home may seem like a very complicated process, but there are many excellent professionals locally that can help make it less stressful. Reading and understanding this guide, or attending a first-time homebuyer workshop are a good idea if you don’t know where to start. 

The best first step you can take to becoming a homeowner is deciding definitively that you want to make it happen. If you’re still feeling uncertain or unsure of wether or not this is the right choice for you, consider talking to a financial advisor, lender or Realtor to get a better idea of what’s involved for you personally. 


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