Medicinal plant Nursery Business FOR SALE

Crimson Sage Medicinal Plants Nursery is a small USDA Certified Organic business that is looking for a new owner! Crimson Sage is an online mail order nursery that can be moved to any location that has a reasonable growing climate. This business is ready to move to your farm or yard.

The mission at Crimson Sage is to empower people all over the country to grow their own medicinal plants and to reclaim the connection between plants and healing.

The nursery provides an extensive selection of live medicinal plants, including 370 different rare and endangered varieties and some plants that cannot be found for purchase anywhere else. The nursery specializes in medicinal herbs from the Chinese and Ayurvedic healing traditions, along with many endangered and hard to find Native American and European herbs.

Crimson Sage is one of only a few Certified Organic Plant Nurseries and is known for delivering strong, ready to grow, well packed plants with guaranteed quality.

Customers are thrilled with the unique assortment and vigor of the plants this nursery offers. The business comes with excellent customer feedback and has a positive reputation among the larger herbal community. You can easily visit the Nursery’s Facebook page and read the many positive reviews there for yourself!

Crimson Sage Nursery is a thriving, profitable business in it’s 22nd year of operation. In 2018, Crimson Sage saw a 24% increase in sales with another 16% last season. Growth has been steady at 18.5% over the last 5 years.

The business has been steadily growing and has a tremendous opportunity for further development and growth. The website services a consistent base of return-customers, and is also effective at capturing new business online.

Herbs, herbalism and herbal medicine and wellness are increasing in popularity among large groups of varied types of people.

What the nursery has to offer is of interest to Schools of Herbalism, Acupuncture and Ayureveda and their associated Students, as well as Farmers, Gardeners, Plant Collectors and Culinary Professionals. Crimson Sage has also sold to Native American Tribes, Native/Rare Plant Enthusiasts and Midwifery Schools.

The Herbalism market is continuing to expand, and Crimson Sage Nursery is poised to take a prominent place in this growing market.

Crimson Sage is also run as a seasonal business. This offers the new owner the opportunity to develop and run a profitable business that includes time-off OR for interested individuals to further expand the sales into off-season markets.

The nursery’s primary asset is the website. is ranked high for many searches and usually comes up on the first page when customers are looking to buy live plants online. Because the business has had an online presence for so long, it is easy to find for potential customers, including when an individual plant search is initiated.

The website includes a shopping cart feature and online merchant banking services. The merchant interface and “back end” of the site is functional and easy to navigate. It is also simple to upload pictures, new products, pricing, etc. The website also sends out newsletters.

The potential exists to further maximize the well-established web presence by using the Crimson Sage online platform to branch out into other related products and services.

The owner is offering education and assistance as part of handing over the business. Included are many trade secrets such as:

  • Knowledge of which plants do not ship well
  • Tried-and-true shipping methods which minimize plant loss
  • Tips on plant propagation techniques that have been developed by trial-and-error
  • Assistance with certification processes and paperwork

Please note: The purchase of Crimson Sage Nursery does not include land, but does include the following:

THE WEB DOMAIN – is an existing, user-friendly website with features for online sales, newsletter, and high quality search functions.

AN ONLINE PRESENCE – Easily searchable URL which frequently appears on the first page of many herbal or plant based searches and Social Media accounts on Facebook and Instagram with a following of 3000+ people

ESTABLISHED CUSTOMER BASE – including return customers as well as a database of contacts. This also includes a WorldShip UPS account with an archive of past customers.

INITIAL TRAINING AND CONSULTING – As part of the sale, the current owner is offering 100 hours of face-to-face training for the new owner or nursery management team so that they may learn the intricacies of packing the plants for shipment, as well as the proprietary systems and processes developed over 35 years of working with plants. The current owner is also available further by phone and email for additional help.

NUSERY PLANT STOCK – all current USDA Certified Organic plant stock

PLANT PRODUCTION SUPPLIES – such as heat mats, thermostats, flats, pots, plug trays, plastic domes and irrigation supplies.

SHIPPING SUPPLIES – which includes a table for packing, boxes, tape and dispensers, and recycled paper.

LARGER INFRASTRUCTURE – A 24′ X 60′ greenhouse, benches, fans, hoses, large wheelbarrow, many sizes of nursery pots, greenhouse plastic and landscape cloth.

DIRECT MARKETING MATERIALS – All tables and signs for direct sales, including a scale and 10’x10’ canopy.

OFFICE SUPPLIES – such as paper, hard copies of past year’s sales, and applicable files for customer database

LASER PRINTER – for making plant identification tags, as well as the stock of tag making supplies.

BUSINESS INFORMATION – such as the list of the suppliers currently used by the business and their contact information. A master list of all plants on the website. All applicable information on licensing, organic certification, and Department of Agriculture rules for interstate shipping.

Please visit Crimson Sage Nursery online at Facebook and Instagram for more!

This established business is currently in Northern California and is offered for sale for the price of:


All interested parties are encouraged to reach out for more information. All terms are negotiable.

Financing information is also available.

Please Contact: Ami Wruck Realtor License # 01930074 707-834-8965


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