Hiring a Realtor

It should go without saying that selling a property is an extremely involved process that requires a lot of attention and patience. A good Realtor will do their best to protect you from the pitfalls and assist you in making decisions and choices that will ease the process and benefit you financially. 


We are Ami and Brian Wruck, Realtors, who love living and working in Humboldt County. We have a combined 7+ years of experience working in real estate on the north coast and enjoy what we do. We are interested in helping people navigate their transactions while maintaining a professional environment that is as stress-free as possible, for everyone’s benefit. We enjoy developing and maintaining relationships with our clients, and work hard to provide top-quality service in the Humboldt County Real Estate Market.


For the sale of your property, we offer a 2-for-1, working as a team to get your property sold. There are many benefits to having two agents working for you, as we each bring special talents to the table. We are passionate about providing you with a real estate experience that exceeds your expectations and makes you a client for life. 

With many qualified Realtors to choose from in Humboldt County, it can be hard to know how to choose. However, should you hire us, you will find that we are responsive and thoughtful about you and the sale of your property. We will not be too busy to answer or return your calls and emails, and furthermore, prefer to keep you updated so frequently that you rarely need to call. We are also available as individual agents if you prefer. 


We DO try to stand out from other agents. If the fact that there are two of us isn’t enough, we also bring other skills that help with the sale of your property. For example, Ami has also worked as a professional organizer and is ready to spend time with you preparing your home for sale and assisting you with getting ready for a move. Additionally, we offer an extremely competitive Marketing package. There will be MUCH more detail about this in a separate section of this guide, but know that we do nearly all of the marketing for your property. This extremely important part of getting your home sold is not given to an assistant or coordinator who is working for numerous other agents. We do it all ourselves, which means we can customize and tailor a marketing strategy that fits you personally and makes your property stand out. 


Commission in Humboldt County is usually 6% of your sales price, as recommended by the National Association of Realtors. This amount includes the commission for the buyer’s agent, as is standard practice here. 


We accept 5% commission on properties over $400K. 

For properties up to $400K, we ask for 6% commissions.


It is very common for sellers to feel that the commission is too expensive. You should know that commission is negotiable, however we ask 6% because of what we offer, which includes the following:

2 agents instead of 1

Top-quality service, attention to detail and responsiveness

Relaxed, professional atmosphere 

Easy-Exit Listing Agreement

Very comprehensive Marketing Package

2 hours of organizational assistance, preparing for your sale



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